Keiko.jpgDear Dianne:

I found your Storage Facility on the internet. I will fly to Eugene and help my son move into a unit.

Thank you very much for your kind e-mail.

I have had concerns about my son's moving because I live so far away (in Japan) from him. But now it's gone because of your support. I appreciate it very much.

(I am so lucky that I was able to find Castle Storage on the Internet. )

See you soon.



To: Castle Storage

We just wanted to thank you for all your help and hospitality. It was a pleasure working with you.


Plycon Transportation Group


To: The Office of Castle Storage

Our family recently needed to make an out of state move (from Montana) and we decided to use Castle Storage (after finding them on the internet).
The staff was very friendly and informative when I called, and when our family arrived after a 12 hour drive they were efficient and kind.
The facilities are easy to find, very clean, and they were able to accomodate our 26 foot moving truck with no problems. They have extensive security, including K-9 units, so we have no worries about leaving our entire household and a boat within their care.

Thank You



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Thank You.