Storage Tips

  1. Washing Machines: Be sure to completely drain water before storing. Store large blankets inside tub to save space.
  2. Refrigerators: Wooden wedges should be placed in the door between the rubber seal to allow air flow. This will avoid the stagnant smell from forming. You can use the space inside for storing smaller items.
  3. Coverings: Use cloth to protect fine furniture, not plastic. Plastic holds moisture and will create mold.
  4. Prevent Odors: Put a scoop of coffee grounds in old panty hose and place around unit, in refrigerator, freezer or washing machine.
  5. Items NOT to store: Food items, combustible materials like gasoline, propane, paints or solvants, etc.
  6. Placement: Be sure to sort items that may be needed in the front of the unit for easy access.
  7. Boxes and Containers: For optimum usage of space use boxes and containers that are strong enough to stack and uniform in size. Stack lighter boxes on top. Avoid the use of garbage bags.
  8. Label: List contents of boxes or containers on an inventory list or on the side of each box.
  9. Dresser Drawers: Utilize the space in drawers to store breakables like pictures, china, knick-knacks, etc.
  10. Sofas or Loveseats: Store on end if possible to save space.
  11. Store small, expensive items such as stereo equipment, TVs, camcorders, etc. in the back of the unit in unmarked boxes.
  12. Disassemble large or awkward size furniture to allow for easier storage. For example, a round dining table, could have the legs/pedestal removed to take up less space.
  13. Place large items such as furniture and beds in front of expensive items.
  14. Placing your boxes or furniture on pallets or boards will help protect from water condensation; this allows for better air flow.
  15. Make a complete list of all items stored. A photo or videotaped record of your stored items is also suggested.


Castle Storage Provides:

  • Fortress Style Construction
  • Keypad Gate
  • Monthly Rates
  • Annual & 6 Month Discounts
  • Residential Storage
  • Commercial Storage
  • 24 Hour Video Monitoring
  • Clean, Spacious Facility
  • Large, Tall Units
  • Some Units With Electricity
  • Well Lit For Safety
  • Friendly Professional Managers
  • Easy Access
  • Office Open 7 Days A Week
  • Deliveries Welcome - UPS, FedEx
  • Online Payment & AutoPay Options
  • Visa, MasterCard & Discover Card Accepted