Our Dragon

After months of waiting for Ophelia ..... she was delivered October, 2007.


Laying on the delivery table it was hard to see her beauty.

It was a struggle, but she was finally brought to her rightful stance.
Here we see her proud owners, Dianne and Todd Boles, with the creator Mark Fountain and his children.
The crane was brought in to slowly lift Ophelia to her spot on the Castle Tower. Great care was taken not to let her slip from the grip of the lift.
Gracefully she was lowered onto her domain.
Now it's time for all her extra attire to be placed.
She beams down a stare at all who watch her.
Night falls to show her glorious protective nature.

Our Castle

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We have over 1300 units in various sizes to meet all your home of business self storage needs.


The height in each unit is approximately 9 to 11 feet.


With our large isles we can accommodate semi trucks.

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